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Collecting waste in the city centre of Enschede

New way of collecting waste in the city centre of Enschede

The municipality of Enschede introduces a new way of waste collection for residents and entrepreneurs in the city center. By appointment, InzamelHelden collects waste door to door with an electric cargo bike.

What does this mean for residents?
collects waste from the front doors of residents in the city centre. Residents can make an appointment using the InzamelHelden app for collecting their waste. All current underground waste containers in the city centre have been removed. If you don't want to use this new way of waste collection, you can still use the underground containers just outside the city centre.

Making an appointment in the webapp

The bicycle courier will collect all types of waste at your front door. This includes residual waste, glass, GFT and packaging. This is how it works:

  • Make an appointment in the InzamelHelden webapp using your account;
  • Choose a date and time when you are at home. Waste pickup is also available in het evenings until 9 p.m. and on weekends;
  • You can make an appointment up to two hours in advance;
  • You can make multiple appointments per week;
  • You can have different types of waste collected at one time;
  • Scheduling up to 10 days in advance is possible. Do you want to cancel your scheduled appointment? You can do so by schedule a new appointment in the web app. Indicate in the comment section of the new appointment that you want to cancel the previous appointment.

Offering waste
Below you will find guidelines how to deliver the waste to the bicycle courier:

  • Residual waste: in a closed 40 litre bag.
  • Gft: preferably offered separately, but in closed compostable bag (recognizable by the germ logo) is also allowed.
  • Packaging: in a closed transparent bag.
  • Textiles: in a textile bag. You will get this bag for free from the bicycle courier.
  • Paper: bundled in handy size, similar to shopping crate or banana box. Larger size will not be accepted. There should be no more styrofoam or packaging material in the box. No loose large boxes, only bundled paper.
  • Glass: only offered in separate bag.
  • WEEE: small electronic devices only. These must be offered separately. For example, a hair dryer or clock radio.
  • Frying oil: in flask
  • Styrofoam: in separate bag

Frequently asked questions

Do I still need my environmental pass if my waste is collected?
You still need an environmental pass for residual waste. Other types of waste can be offered without an environmental pass. No environmental pass? Request it digitally here.

I am not at home at the time of the appointment. Can I put my waste in front of the door?
The collection of waste by a bicycle courier is only possible when you are at home. You have to offer your waste to the bicycle courier yourself.

I don't have a smartphone or tablet. How can I register my waste?
Are you not digitally proficient? No problem. We will then make a fixed appointment with you during the week to pick up your waste at home. Contact InzamelHelden at or call 06 – 82 46 64 34.

I don't have an account with InzamelHelden yet? How do I get it?
Contact InzamelHelden at or call 06 – 82 46 64 34. They will help you set up an account for you.

I am unable to make an appointment via the app, what should I do?
Having trouble making an appointment through the app? Please contact InzamelHelden at or call 06 - 82 46 64 34.

How do I recognize the bicycle courier who comes to collect my waste?
The bicycle courier wears a red uniform of InzamelHelden.

At what times can I make an appointment to have my waste collected?
Within these time locks you can schedule an appointment:

Do I have to pay for this new way of collecting waste?
The costs for the new way of collecting are the same as for bringing your waste to the underground containers. This means that all types of waste, except residual waste, are collected free of charge. For residual waste, you pay per bag collected.

Why are planters in the old locations of the containers?

Containers out, green in! In spring, fresh greenery and colorful flowers are planted in the containers. This way we make the city centre more beautiful and greener.

I want to take my waste to an underground waste container myself. Where can I find it?
On the map below you can see where there are still waste containers in your area. So you can also choose to bring your waste here yourself.

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