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Waste collection in Enschede

Waste-free Enschede

In Enschede, we use a system in which you pay for residual waste. You pay a fixed basic amount per household each year. You also pay for the number of times that you offer residual waste. You can see the costs here.

Where can you deposit your waste?

Containers at home (low-rise only)

The waste collected at your home as follows:

  • Organic Waste (green container) - biweekly - Free
  • Packaging (orange container for plastic, cans and drink packaging) - once every 4 weeks - Free
  • Paper (blue container) - once every 4 weeks* - Free
  • Residual waste (grey container) - once every 4 weeks - Pay per instance

* Outside the built-up area, paper is collected at home once every 8 weeks

Containers in Enschede

Collection containers for residual waste (low-rise and high-rise homes)

Every household in Enschede can use a collection container for residual waste. The location of these containers in Enschede can be found at this page and in the free Twente Milieu app. You can use any collection container in Enschede. You need the environmental pass to use the collection container. You pay for each waste bag that you deposit. You can dispose of a waste bag up to 40 liters in a residual waste container. That is comparable to a pedal bin bag. You can watch this video that shows you how to use the collection container.

Afbeelding ondergrondse restafvalcontainer

Environmental squares (low-rise and high-rise homes)

Environmental squares are often located near shopping centers. An environmental square is a group of underground or above-ground collection containers. You can dispose of your seperated waste, such as packaging, paper, textiles and glass, in these containers for free.

You can ony fit small quantities into the paper container at once. You should therefore tear boxes into pieces before throwing them into the container. Use closed bags for textiles, so that the textiles remain dry. You can throw loose glass items in the glass container. For the packaging container, you must use bags of up to 60 liters.

An overview of the environmental squares can be found at this page and in the free app of Twente Milieu.

Milieuplein Enschede

Bulky waste (low and high-rise homes)

Bulky waste, such as furniture, wood, white goods and mattresses, does not belong in your gray residual waste container or in the underground collection for residual waste, and does not fit in there. There are three collection methods:

  • Het Goed
    Items that someone else can use can be collected by recycling company Het Goed by appointment. You can also take the items to Het Goed yourself. Visit their website for more information or call 053 - 433 29 44 for questions.
  • Bringing the items yourself
    You can take bulky waste to one of the three waste collection points in Enschede youself. You can dispose of all kinds of waste at the waste collection point, such as bulky garden waste, wood, mattresses, electrical appliances and household hazardous waste. You will need the environmental pass to deposit the waste at the collection point. You can deposit 300 kilos for free every year. You can find an overview of the waste collection points and their opening hours at this page.
  • Having the items collected
    You can make an appointment with Twente Milieu to have them collect your bulky waste. If you choose this option, you will pay call-out costst amounting to €20,- and any costs of the waste that you provide.

There is a fine of 95 euros* for leaving waste and household items lying around.
* Excluding administration costs

Environmental pass - for who and what?

Each home has a single environmental pass. When you move, you leave the environmental pass in the home that you are moving out of.

  • The environmental pass allows you to acces the waste collection points. You can dispose of bulky types of waste at the waste collection points.
  • You can also use the environmental pass to open the collection container for residual and organic waste. Do you live in a high-rise building? If so, you can also use the pass to open the organic waste collection container.
  • Log in with your environmental pass and see how often you put the container(s) out on the street or took a waste bag to the collectioin container.

Don't have an environmental pass?
Apply to receive one free of charge within 3 months after moving at this page or call our customer service at 0900 - 8520111 (local rate). You pay €10,- once for a new pass after 3 months or in case of loss.

Milieupas Enschede

Which waste goes where?

Seperating waste is sometimes quite difficult. Which waste should be put in which container? Do you want to know which waste belongs where? If so, take a look at this flyer.

Twente Milieu app

When is your waste collected? Check the times in the Twente Milieu app. You will also find the following useful information in the app:

  • Waste calendar with a reminder function
  • Reporting a full or broken collection container, a container that has not been emptied or illegally dumped waste
  • Which waste goes where?
  • Overview of container locations

Download the Twente Milieu app from the App Store (Apple) or Google Play (Android) on your phone now.

Do you have any questions about waste?

If so, please call our customer service at 0900-8520111 (local rate) or via our contact form.

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